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Amenities & Resources at Your Disposal

Extra Perks For Our Residents

Free Phone Consultation

Are you looking to live in a community that guarantees a high standard of living for all members? Clear View Townhomes offers much more than just fun events and nice housing options. With amenities like our state-of-the-art Free Phone Consultation, you may never want to leave the neighborhood again. Talk about community done right!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Clear View Townhomes, we care about all of our members and offer a wide range of amenities to make sure they’re happy. From our Satisfaction Guaranteed to other amenities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you’re looking for the best place to live in Cadiz, then Clear View Townhomes is the community for you.

Professional Approach

Our Townhouse Complex works hard to maintain the community and keep it looking clean. From our Professional Approach to other amenities available, all our members are guaranteed a high standard of living from the moment they move into the neighborhood. Join us to enjoy the good life and all the little perks we have to offer.

Community Amenities: Community Amenities
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